Dining At the California Grill Contemporary resort

Dining at the California Grill is an experience that for me & my wife is one of the best on property.

We were fortunate to dine here at 08:00pm. The service & food was way beyond what we could have imagined.

To start the experience off you have to find a small station by a private lift on the 3rd floor.

Here you will check in & be shown to a private lift that takes you to the top floor of the contemporary resort.

Once you step off the lift you are greeted by a wall of wine.

A greeter will then take you to your table.

Our waiter was first class, with a great deal of knowledge on wines & the food that was on offer.

He helped us pair wines to our different dishes.

We both had starters, myself a flatbread & the wife a pasta dish.

Both dishes were really flavoursome & delicious.

The flat bread I had which for a starter is quite large & would have been enough for 2 people.

The pasta the wife had was delicious & the sauce was full of flavour.

We both went for the same main, Slow-braised Boneless Beef Short Rib.

This was one of the best short Ribs we have ever had.

Again the waiter paired a lovely red wine to go with the beef.

At this stage we were both really relaxed & enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant, when we noticed the Fireworks going off over at Epcot. We did not realise when we went to the Contemporary we would be able to see these so for us this was a bonus.

Our waiter asked if we were ready for dessert, at that time were not, he suggested maybe we would like to go out on the observation deck.

A little later we ordered our deserts, again of a very high standard.

I had the crème Brulee & the wife had the Chocolate pudding cake.

Both dishes were delicious.

Once we had finished our meal. We sat at the bar the lights went down & we listened to the wishes music that was piped in as we watched the fireworks over the magic kingdom.

This a signature restaurant & if you are on the dining plan will use 2 service credits per person.

It is not a cheap eat & the wines can be a little expensive.

But for us both the service & food is of such an high standard it is well worth a visit.

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