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My Disney Experience gives you the Luxury to plan and personalise your vacation to Walt Disney world Florida,so you won’t miss any of the best bits!.

With My Disney Experience you can pre-book the most exciting rides and attractions, months in advance. You can book all your advanced dining plans as well as making sure you get those special restaurants you saw on youtube or another Disney info site

Here I hope to show you what you get with the my-disney app & how if used right can make your Disney World vacation even more magical.

What is My Disney Experience?

My Disney Experience is the name for all the planning tools you can use to personalise your visit to Walt Disney World in Florida - months before you even get there! And best of all it's free to use once you have created an account.

These include:

Disney Fastpass+ - To reserve times for your favourite rides and attractions up to 60 days in advance

  • - The online place that can link all your family & friends that will be on vacation with you who are registerd on The My Disney Experience.

  • My Memory Maker - An online photo package that magically saves all your photos for you to download when you get home ( we will be covering this in another blog)

  • Magic Bands - A clever wristband that works as your ticket, room key, credit card and more!

You’ll get the most benefit from the My Disney APP if you book your Disney tickets in advance, so don’t forget to book in plenty of time to really make the most of it.

From this screen you can sign in to your My Disney Experiance & start planning your holiday day by day.

You can get live wait times of the rides. Daily park opening & close times, wait times at the rides.

Every thing you need for your vacation is there at your finger tips.

From planning your meals & fast passes to locating the nearest rest rooms, every thing you need is here at your fingertips.

You can pull up maps with all the information you need to know what is going on daily.

The app has a great itinerary tool that you can up-date with notes & time tables for yourself. This will also show you your fastpasses & dining reservations.

We used this APP constantly in 2014 & 2016, we will definately be using it this year as well.

Being able to see all your dining reservations & fast passes on 1 screen is an advantage.

You can cancel dining reservations & fast passes at a swipe on mobile phones & tablets whilst in the park.

The interactive maps are a great app for finding out the live wait times at the attractions.

With a mobile phone it will show you where you are using the phones GPS & can work out routes for you to get to the dining or attraction

you want.

We used the app daily to find wait times & the route finder for the quickest way to get around the park.

The app is being up-graded & improved on a regular bases. Since the apps introduction in 2013 Disney are forever looking at way's to improve guests experience whilst at Disney World. On it's a small world now if you have a band & you are signed up to my Disney app your name will appear at the end of the ride.

All in all it is a great tool for making your Magical Holiday as easy an experience as you can.

If you use it right & to it's fullest potential it will help you get the best memories from your Holiday.

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