30 little Trivia Facts

Here I have put together a few fun facts about Disney World.

1. No gum is sold in any of the Disney parks. more 2. It's NOT a Small World After All - Disney World encompasses over 50 square miles. 3. Hidden Mickey's can be found everywhere. A hidden Mickey is the 3 circle silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse disguised and subtly hidden in decor, rock formations, table settings and designs of all sorts. Thousands of hidden Mickey's have been recorded nd more included with each park update. It has become a trend with some Disney fans to find as many hidden mickeys as possible. 4. Guests in Walt Disney World are never more than 10 yards or 30 steps away from a trash can. 5. There are no bathrooms located in the Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square, in keeping with the time period of that area. 6.An imagineer named George was killed during the building of Pirates of the Caribbean. It is said his ghost haunts the ride to this day. Workers say "goodnight George" before they shut down the ride each night as a superstition to prevent attraction break downs the next day. 7. Epcot's American Pavilion is home to an American flag taken from the rubble of 9/11/2001. 8.Underneath Disney World are miles of underground tunnels called utilidors that house the massive costume departments, cast member break rooms, garbage chutes and more. 9. The 48 square miles of Florida swampland now home to Walt Disney World was originally purchased by Walt for $5 million dollars. 10. Disney World averaged 10,000 visitors per day when it first opened in 1971. Today that number has swelled close to 50,000 visitors per day. 11. The new Avatar section of Animal Kingdom is expected to open in 2015 at a cost of more than $400 million dollars. 12. Epcot gardens grow over 30 tons of fruits and veg each year to help feed hungry park visitors. 13. Disney Hollywood Studios was originally built as a working studio, not a theme park. The Mickey Mouse Club was filmed there with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aquilera. 14. Disney Transportation System is the third largest bus system in Florida with over 290 buses. 15. Disney has grown over 500 oak trees from acorns of the Liberty Oak found in Liberty Square. 16. Over 200 pairs of sunglasses are turned into lost & found each day at Disney World 17. The Disney Company bought 12,000 acres of Florida Wetlands located about 15 miles south of the park back in the 90's. the idea was to maintain the balance of nature and offset the environmental impact of the parks. 18. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was an original park favorite. After it closed a tombstone was placed in the pet cemetary of the Haunted Mansion for J.Thaddeus Toad.

19. The Lake used for Fantasmic is only about 1 foot deep 20. U2 was first approached to be the starring Rock Band for Hollywood Studios Rockin Roller Coaster. When they decline, the ride was based on the band Aerosmith. 21. In addition, Rocking Roller Coaster was the first inverter coaster in Disney and the first coaster ever to have a synchronized soundtrack. 22. Animal Kingdom's Expedition Everest and Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror stand 199 feet tall. This is because any structure 200 feet tall would require red flashing lights according to Aviation rules. 23. Epcot's Mission Space Attraction needs more computer power than NASA's real space shuttle. 24. At 5.7 million gallons, Epcot's Aquarium of the Seas is the second largest aquarium in the U.S. 25. Disney's first Audio Animatronics were first introduced to the world at the 1966 World's Fair in Flushing NY. "It's A Small World" and "Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln" which later evolved into today's Hall of Presidents. 26. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to receive a plaque on Hollywoods legendary walk of fame. 27. You never have to pay for water in Disney World. Just go to any quick service restaurant in the park and ask for a cup. 28. More than 50 million cokes are consumed each year at Disney Parks. You won't find a Pepsi. 29. Walt Disney World employs close to 60,000 cast members making it one of the largest employer in the U.S. 30. Disney's Wedding Pavillion near the Grand Floridian Resort is designed to give the Bride and Groom a great view of Cinderella Castle while saying their vows.

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