Transportation At Disney World

Disney world covers over 50 square miles.

Getting around is something that needs to be considered when booking your vacation.

There are 3 types of free Transportation when you are staying on property.

1. Bus

2. Monorail

3. Boat.

Depending on where you are staying will depend on the type of Transportation available to you.

Some on site property's have the luxury of all 3 types, whilst others only have bus transportation.

The best part of all though no matter what type of transportation of the 3 you use, its all free.


The Monorail covers the 3 main resorts in the Magic Kingdom area:

The Grand Floridian

The Contemporary

Polynesian Village resort

If you are staying at any of these resorts the transport link via the monorail is unique.

From these 3 resorts using the Monorail you can also get to Epcot.


Buses will take you just about anywhere, they travel at regular intervals between the resorts & the parks.

But the Bus service does not run between resorts.

If you have a dining reservation at another resort then you would have to catch a bus to a park then transfer to a bus from that park to the resort you have the reservation.

The only exception to this are the 3 resorts in the Magic Kingdom area, they are all within walking distance & on the monorail route.

Also the Boardwalk resorts you can walk to them or take a ferry.

Traveling between resorts

Traveling from resort to resort is one of the most difficult things to figure out at Disney World.

The quickest way to get between resorts is often by taxi/Uber.

It doesn't usually cost more than $10 or $15 for a taxi (less for an Uber) and can get you to your destination within a few minutes.

If you're using Disney's free transportation, a good general rule is to get to the theme park closest to the destination resort and catch a bus or monorail from there to your destination resort.

For example :

if you're at Pop Century and need to get to The Grand Floridian, you'd want to take a bus to Magic Kingdom and then take the monorail to The Grand Floridian or you can walk it.

Another example:

if you're at Old Key West and need to get to Animal Kingdom Lodge, you could take a bus to Animal Kingdom and then catch a bus over to Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Traveling between parks

All 4 parks have transportation available to allow you to hop to another park.

  • From the Magic Kingdom to:

  • Epcot - Take the Magic Kingdom monorail or ferry to the Transportation and Ticket Center and transfer to the Epcot monorail

  • Disney's Hollywood Studios - bus

  • Animal Kingdom - bus

  • From Epcot to:

  • Animal Kingdom - bus

  • Disney's Hollywood Studios - bus, boat or you can even walk

  • Magic Kingdom - Take the Epcot monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center and transfer to either the Magic Kingdom monorail or take the ferry

  • From Disney's Hollywood Studios to:

  • Animal Kingdom - bus

  • Magic Kingdom - bus

  • Epcot - bus, boat or you can even walk

  • From Animal Kingdom to:

  • Disney's Hollywood Studios - bus

  • Epcot - bus

  • Magic Kingdom - bus

Some special situations

After parks close - after the night time entertainment ends and crowds leave in droves, there will be long, long.....long lines at the bus stops. To avoid this, consider 1 of these options:

  • Take a taxi/Uber back to your resort

  • Position yourself so you're one of the first to leave the park and one of the first to get to your bus stop

  • View from outside the park so you're not caught in the crowds at all. This mainly works at Magic Kingdom where you can view fireworks from one of the beaches at the monorail resorts. It doesn't work as well at the other nighttime shows.

There are no buses from Disney Springs to the theme parks. Resort guests can get directly to theme parks or Disney Springs, and you can travel to Disney Springs from the theme parks after 4 p.m., but people wanting to park for free in Disney Springs and go to the theme parks will not be able to do that.

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