Planning a Disney World Trip

Unlike a normal holiday to a beach resort or a City resort where the need for planning is not something every one does.

Planning a Disney World Holiday is something every one should do.

The Disney World site covers 20 different Hotels & Resorts, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks & a large shopping area.

There are over 150 restaurants, bar's & snack booths.

When you get there you wan't to be able to do as much as you can in the time you are there.

Believe me When I say " 2 week's is just enough time to cover the basics".

We have been going for a number of years & are still finding things to do that we did not do on previous trips.

From the packing of your suitcases to the booking of rides & restaurants planning can make your holiday a more pleasant & a rewarding experience.

For us the holiday starts the day before we fly, we book an hotel near the airport for the night before & have a last family meal before the flight.

But the planning starts in earnest the day after we book the vacation, which is normally a year before we go.

It may seem a little excessive but we always put together an itinerary of where we are eating, what parks we will be at & on what day's. We do try to cover as much as we can.

The My Disney App the last couple of years has been a massive help.

From here you can control all the reservations you have.

It has a great route finder on there & gives you the locations & a live GPS tracker showing you where you are & how far you have to walk.

Our planning seems extreme, but it is quite basic.

Our plan will show:

Where we are on a Day

What Restaurants we have booked

What fast passes we have booked

Which Park has Extra Magic Hours that day.

One of the main things to try & do is plan down time & Rest.

It is very easy to get swept up in the magic of Disney World & before you know it the heat & long day's will take it's toll out of you.

We try to spend a couple of morning's & day's relaxing from the parks.

On these day's we may stay around the pool in the morning or explore a resort at a leisurely pace.

For us exploring the resorts can be as much fun as exploring the parks ( you just don't have the rides or the crowds).

Here are a few tips for before you go & when you are there

1. Take Disposable Ponchos ( Florida has rain regularly in the afternoons)

2. Just about anywhere at Disney World (including small kiosks) will give you cups of ice water for free. I like doing this as an alternative to carrying water bottles which can be heavy, especially if you need several bottles of water for your family.)

3. Adding a Disney Dining Plan to a reservation is usually something you can only do if you purchase a package, but you can add it to a room-only reservation if you call Disney or book through a travel agent.

4. Refillable mugs can be purchased at Disney resorts. They come in 4 colors.

Once you have purchased it for the duration of your stay all soft drinks & beverages from the dispensers are free & they can be used at any resort ( no parks though)

5. If you are using the Disney Dining Plan, consider taking your refillable mug to a Quick Service restaurant at your resort to use for your drink and get a bottle of water (to use later) as the beverage that is included with your meal.

6.Consider splitting Quick Service meals so you won't be tired after meals, & to allow yourself a break in the air conditioned restaurant. This then gives you the chance to try more restaurants. Here is a list of restaurants that give good size portions if you wish to share.

MAGIC KINGDOM Be Our Guest breakfast and lunch • Pecos Bill's (topping bar helps make food more substantial) • Casey's Corner meals • Cosmic Ray's 1/2 rotisserie chicken and chicken nugget meal • Pinnochio Village Haus pasta and flatbread pizzas • Columbia Harbour House lobster roll, and chicken & fish meal • Friar's Nook macaroni and cheese entrees

EPCOTTangierine Cafe platters • Sunshine Seasons

HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS ABC Commissary Chicken and Ribs Combo Platter • Catalina Eddie's pizza • Fairfax Fare loaded baked potato • Min and Bill's chili cheese dogs

ANIMAL KINGDOMYak and Yeti (many items count as snack credits) • Flame Tree Barbecue combo platters • Pizzafari • Restaurantosaurus topping bar helps make portions more substantial • Harambe Market entrees

DISNEY SPRINGSWolfgang Puck Express pasta and pizza • Blaze Pizza • Earl of Sandwich (get one sandwich with a QS credit and let kids split it?) • Smokehouse nachos

RESORTSAny food court offering create-your-own pasta • Polynesian - Pulled Pork Nachos at Captain Cook's • Port Orleans French Quarter food court dinners • Contemporary Resort Contempo Cafe

7.For people traveling to Disney World with others, I would suggest connecting every one as friends within My Disney Experience so that things like FastPass+ reservations can be booked all at once.

8.Lots of people wonder if they should use the online check-in when staying at Disney Resorts. This is an option available to resort guests 60 days before the trip begins. I recommend doing it to save time at check-in unless you want to ask for a room upgrade.

9. Get to the parks for rope drop ( when they open) this way you can beat the daytime crowds & do a few of the popular rides before the wait times start to hit an hour plus.

This will leave you free to use your fast passes for the rides & shows that you don't want to be in line waiting for 1to 1 1/2hrs

10. Wear an Hat during the mid day to afternoon heat. There is nothing worse than having sunburn on the head or even heat stroke due to the strong Floridian Sun.

Don't forget the temperature can rise daily mid summer to 100 degrees plus.

11. Leave the parks

It does not matter how you tour, you should plan on taking a break during the midday. From about 1 til4 p.m if you can, the sun will be at its hottest. It’s no surprise that the hot weather makes people cranky and unfortunately this is the time it comes through with arguemnts. Don’t let this be you. Go back to your room for a few hours, and take a rest, or swim in the pool. Then maybe have a nice meal and head back to a parks for the evening. Here is an even better idea? Take a day off from the parks (about midway through your trip) and spend it relaxing poolside, or by visiting one of the water parks. I guarantee you will feel a lot better the next day!


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