Is Cinderellas Royal Table Worth It

One of the most sought after Dining Reservations at Magic Kingdom is Cinderellas Royal Table.

We have eaten there a few times, the most recent being August 2016.

  • It’s one of the most sought after of all reservations on Disney World property. It’s also one of the most expensive and one that, in my opinion, will leave you feeling a little ripped off. Here’s what to expect and why you will decide to dine there anyway.

  • You can’t talk about Cinderellas Royal Table ( or CRT) without first mentioning the overall cost. You’ll pay around $60 for breakfast for guests ages 10 and up. Kids 3 – 9 are around $35. Keep in mind these prices are a few dollars higher during busy holiday periods like Christmas. Lunch and dinner is around $74 per adult and $48 per child. Children under 3 are technically free in that they may eat off of another member of their party’s plate; of course you can also order a meal for them. Your set price includes a drink, entree and dessert. Breakfast comes with a plate of pastries–the same pastries you’ll get at breakfast all over property. Your price includes the gratuity as well.

  • Reservations are very difficult to get for Cinderella’s Royal Table, especially for breakfast. Call 180 days in advance for reservations. If staying at a Disney resort make sure you call 180 days in advance and ask for availability during all days of your stay that way you can pick the perfect time.

  • A credit card number is required at the time of the booking. If you need to cancel, do so prior to 24 hours before your reservation time; there will though be a fee to cancel within 24 hours.

  • Characters (Princesses and others) appear at breakfast, lunch, and dinner here.

  • Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table includes a fast pass photo opportunity with Cinderella downstairs in the waiting area.

  • Cast Members though will take a photo with your own camera if you are not on Photo pass or the photographer will give you a card to a link where you can purchase the photo on line . (Note that even though she’s downstairs when you get there, that doesn’t mean she’s coming upstairs during lunch or dinner!)

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner allow a la carte choices from a menu.

  • How does the experience hold up to Expectations

  • No matter how you try to sell it to yourself, this is an expensive meal, and for an expensive meal, you expect great food, yes?.

  • Well, lower your expectations, because you’re not really here for the food, you’re here for the experience.

  • Sadly, the experience itself is somewhat lacking. I will cover that a little later.

  • Kids meals are below what I would call a kids portion.

  • It’s not a huge amount of food, but the characters seem to fly out at you & they are about three minutes apart, so your child won’t have time to eat it anyway

  • Since you’re not really here for the food, or at least you shouldn’t be,what's the real reason for your visit: Seeing Cinderella Castle and meeting the princesses of course.

  • No matter what you’re age, if you were raised on Cinderella and Disney, going into the castle is a big deal.

  • There are really only two ways for regular guests to go inside the castle: One is to make an appointment at Bibbity Bobbity Boutique for a princess makeover ( if you’re over 12, no makeover for you!) and the other, of course, is to have a meal in the castle.

  • You’ll check in at the desk at the entrance and then wait a few minutes before you’re admitted into a large meet and greet area. Cinderella is there to say hello and for a photo.

  • After that, you’ll go upstairs to be seated.

  • Service is friendly and really efficient, but to say that it’s also quite brisk is really an understatement: we received our drinks and food what felt like immediately. Characters came and went so quickly that we would ytake a mouthful prime the cameras take the shots it was that quick.

It really felt rushed to me & our party.

  • As an adult, it’s difficult not to think about how much money you’re spending.

  • The food is just okay. The character interaction is probably the worst on property. But just as I was about to decide this is really expensive for what you pay my little Niece looked up at me at me with the biggest grin ever & a twinkle in her eye. And that’s when I realized that it was worth every penny. Because they’re only little once, right?

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