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Firstly what is Memory Maker?.

Memory Maker is a brilliant way to enjoy unlimited Disney PhotoPass photos captured at hundreds of locations all over Walt Disney World including select attractions and dining locations. The photos are connected to your online Disney account with a touch of your MagicBand or card.

Disney PhotoPass captures your magical experiences throughout your Disney vacation. It is a completely complementary service that allows guests to catch those special vacation moments you want to remember for a lifetime.

As a part of the Mymagic+ system, it will allow all guests to view, download, and share all of their Disney World photos that are linked to the My Disney Experience. This system contains the same access to photographs that was available with the Disney PhotoPass+. The main difference between them is that Memory Maker is 100% digital. Guests who purchase Memory Maker will be able to enjoy unlimited downloads of the photos that were taken during their stay at Disney World. No longer will guests have to purchase each photo individually! You can easily relive all your memories, as well as have the ability to share them with family and friends.

First, you’ll need to locate a PhotoPass Photographer. They are really easy to spot, as they will be carrying professional camera equipment and usually can be found wearing white shirts & a tan vest. (on Main Street look for blue and white pinstripe shirts). You will be able to find them all over Walt Disney World Resort’s, theme parks, water parks, Downtown Disney, as well as a few other locations.

You will have a couple of options available to you when photos are taken. One option will be for you to use your MagicBand. The Disney PhotoPass photographer will simply scan the Mickey logo on your band and your photos will be linked to your account. The other option is that you will be given a PhotoPass card. This card is free & will include a unique 16 digit barcode. The PhotoPass photographer will scan that each time they take your photo and then hand it to you. Any time you get your photo taken by a Disney’s PhotoPass photographer, you will need to get either the MagicBand or the PhotoPass card scanned.

With Disney’s PhotoPass, you are under no obligation to purchase the photos that have been taken. Even if you don’t purchase any photos after your vacation, you can still share them online with friends and family for up to 30 days.

  • If you receive a PhotoPass card, make sure to keep it card safe and accessible at all times during your stay because you will need to present your card to the Disney Photographer each time a photo is taken

I would definitely sign up for the MY DISNEY APP & link you memory maker to it

It is well worth it.

Keep in mind that once you download the first photo, which essentially redeems your Memory Maker purchase, you will have 30 days in which to capture more photos. (This includes adding any photos you would like to have from the Friends and Family you are connected with via My Disney Experience.) PhotoPass photos will remain in your account for 45 days after they are taken. An extension can be purchased on the Disney PhotoPass website. This extension is good for an extra 15 days, thereby allowing you to have access to your photos for 60 days from the date the photos are taken

Participating Character Dining Locations with Photopass:

  • 1900 Park Fare (Breakfast & Dinner)

  • ‘Ohana (Breakfast)

  • Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show

  • Chef Mickey’s (Breakfast & Dinner)

  • Cinderella’s Royal Table (B,L,D)*

  • Tusker House Restaurant (Breakfast & Lunch)

  • Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

  • Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (B,L,D)*

At some of the dining locations you can find Photopass photographers.

Here are some of our pictures at dining locations

Cinderellas Royal Table

1900 Park Fare ( As you leave there is a photopass opportunity)

Be our Guest (Dinner service only)

Once the pictures are taken within a couple of hours , they will be available to look at through the MYDISNEYAPP. Here you can change the theme & look of the photos.

We do this to quite a few pics.

You will also get a chance to the Magic Shots.

A photographer will ask you to pose in a certain way & he will take a photo, the end result is awesome.

Here are a few of our Magical shots Taken in August 2016.

These are the memory's you get to take home with you & what makes an holiday / vacation so memorable.

These are the pictures that excites all of us.

The Magic of Disney is there for all to see.

Memory maker is what the package say's a maker of memory's. We have some great memory's of Disney World & they are brought to life through the pictures we had taken all over Disney World.

Back in 2008 before Memory Maker the Photopass opportunity's were there. You would have paid up to $30 dollars for a photo on the rides.

But if you do a ride now & get a photo taken it is included with your memory maker package.

Here are a few of our ride pictures.

On some of the rides a small video is created of your experience & is available on memory maker.

We had this ds done at Hollywood Studios.

Here is a short video from the Tower of Terror. More & more rides are now featuring the memory maker video option.

We love it & clip them together to make one video like this one below.


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