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This Review is All about the Quick service Lunch you can have at The Be our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdoms Fantasy Land.

If you have had a Table service meal there you will know how difficult it is to get a reservation for the evening. We have ate there in the evening & had to book our table at the 180 day mark so that we were not disappointed.

Now for the Lunch quick service you have to get to the customer desk at the entrance to Be our guest early in the day & they will give you a card with a time on it for you to come back for your meal.

When returning for your meal you will cross a bridge & enter the Restaurant through large ornate doors.

Once inside, you find pretty much exactly what you would expect if you were entering a Castle. dark spaces with high beamed ceilings similar to medieval European castles. Enchanted suits of armour along the walls. At the end of the hall, you will see the stained glass window depicting Belle and Beast’s famous dancing scene.

As you pass the suits of Armour listen closely, they can be heard whispering in French.

A cast member will show you to an ordering kiosk.

You do at this point of having the choice of a cast Member taking your order or using the automated touch screens to order your meal.

From here you can order a starter main & desert.

You will choose how many are in your party , then start ordering your meal from the touch screens. Not only do you choose the food you want, but you get to see what it looks like before you order.

Once you have gone through all the options & chosen your meal you have a choice of how to pay for it.

We were on the Disney Dining plan & scanned our magic Band.

Now we were ready to sit down for our meal.

Before we left the UK we read that you would be given a Rose to take to your table so that the meal you ordered would be delivered to the correct table.

This did not happen we were shown to our table in the ballroom, passing a drink station & the cutlery station.( here they do use stainless steel cutlery).

There are 3 main rooms for Lunch.

The Ballroom.

The West Wing or Rose Room

In this room you will find a portrait of the beast as the Prince, but if you wait it will change into the beast.

All in all the unique features in this restaurant makes it worthwhile to visit if you do not have or fail to get a Dining Reservation.

Now on to the food we ordered & quality of the food.

Straight from the start you have a feeling of not being in a Quick Service Restaurant.

You are escorted to a table & on the way shown the beverage station & cutlery station.

Like all good quick service restaurants the drink station is unlimited re-fills & there are a good variety of drinks to choose from.

When ordering we both ordered the Roast Beef Sandwich with Fries.

As we were on the Dining plan we also ordered desert The Masters Cupcake for Me & the Lemon Raspberry Puff cake for the wife.

One of the great little details about Be Our Guest is the way your food finds YOU!, because shortly after you have been seated, your food turns up to your table on a quaint food cart.

Hot foods are stored under the curved glass above, keeping them safe and clean as they are pushed through the dining rooms. Cold items are kept in a lower compartment.

The food I have to say for a quick service restaurant is of an high standard. Whilst eating our Beef sandwiches, we both commented on the flavour & the way the bread was crusty & warm.

The 2 deserts were also flavourful & above standard for a quick service meal.

The best part of the meal for both of us was wandering around the rooms taking in the features & noticing all the little reminders to the film.


A trip to Be Our Guest for lunch I believe is an experience and an event. It’s very clear that a lot of time and energy has spent to cover every detail imaginable. You will really feel as though you have walked right into the world of Beauty and the Beast

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