Disney Fan Sites That Have Helped towards Planning Our Vaction.

Each year we plan our vacation as best we can.

For us as a family we try to do as much as we can without burning our self's out.

As with every Holiday we want to achieve as much as we can, but in a way that is both enjoyable & relaxing.

To get that Magical holiday we do our research each year.

And the best place for that research is through the medium of the web.

From YouTube to Websites that have been created by Disney Fans from all over the world.

We have great fun once we have booked our holiday watching you tube Videos or visiting fan sites for any tips & reviews we can.

Living in the UK we book our holiday a year before we go.

As soon as the holiday is booked we start planning the restaurants we want to eat at.

To do this we use 4 main web sites click on the name & you will be directed to that site.




4. The Undercover Tourist

We also visit you tube & accounts that we have subscribed to because we have found them helpful & informative.

Here are some of the you tube accounts we visit Regularly.

Click on them & it will take you to the Site.

1. Travels With Rick



4. Adam does Disney


6. The Happiest Vlogs on Earth

7.Attraction Magazine

We enjoy watching these Videos & take the information that they give as a guide for our planning.

On this trip in the summer to Disney World, we have booked a few Restaurant meals based on the reviews of these people & sites.

Our biggest inspiration is the reviews on the WDWINFO channel which also runs the DIS on You tube.

The hosts of this show give honest well thought out reviews.

Pete Werner the CEO & founder of the DIS / WDWINFO & DIS unplugged has a great team of people around him..

They have built a website that is a great guide for people travelling to Walt Disney world. with great tips & reviews.

We have booked the Flying Fish on the Boardwalk based on they're reviews.

Here you can find a review of the Flying fish by the Dis team of:

Peter Werner

Ryno Clavin

Craig Williams

Corey Martin

Kathy Werling

Oliver Green

Another Review that made us take notice & influenced our booking was this one.

This is a review of the Turf Club Bar & Grill by Rick Howard of Travel with Rick.

We booked a meal here in 2014 & had a great time & delicious food.

These sites offer great little tips for you on your Holiday.

This last year some of the best tips we have picked up have come from Adam Hattan's video Vlogs.

Adam is a true Disney Fan & is currently on the CRP ( Cultural Representative Program).

Disney's Cultural Representative Program is a year long program where-by young adults from around the world get to work in Walt Disney World for a whole year!.

As Adam Vlogs around the park he is forever dropping in little tips.

Where ever you do your research have a great time in planning your Vacation to Disney World.

For My-self & family we owe these people & organisations a big thank you for helping us to plan that Magical vacation.

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