Dining Review of Ohana's

We visited here as a family in August 2016.

4 Adults & 2 children.

We had all ate here before but not together.

After checking in at the desk & given one of those little vibrating RFD boxes that light up when your table is ready we headed over to the Tambu lounge.

The Tambu Lounge is located in the open air atrium lobby of the Polynesian Resort. It serves as the waiting area for Disney's restaurant ‘Ohana, and it’s also a short walk from the Kona Cafe, the resort’s other table service restaurant. This makes Tambu the perfect place to indulge in before dinner cocktails which we did

My self & the Wife sat up by the Bar whilst the rest of our party found some seats near the window & by the TV for the little ones.

We both ordered the same cocktail.

Not sure of the name of the cocktail now, but I believe it may have been a Tropical Macaw.

The drinks come with Glow Cubes. ( which you get to keep).

After a very short wait we were taken into Ohanas.

As you walk to restaurant past the Tiki idols guarding the entranceway,Our greeter tells us we are all welcome as cousins & will be eating family style at the same time I was impressed by ‘Ohana’s ambiance. In true Disney fashion, the theming strikes a fine balance between subtlety and traditional Hawaiian décor.

At a small bar our greeter picks up a small plate with 2 loafs of what our greeter called Welcome Bread.

We were shown to our table & told our Server whose name is Abdel, would be with us soon.

Our Greeter had just walked away & our server Abdel arrived at the table & started explaining the way Family style was done.

Salads & Noodles, pot stickers & Chicken wings would be brought to our table to share & then the meats that were cooked in the room on skewers would be brought to the table on the skewers fresh off the grill.

He took our drink orders & took an order of Chicken nuggets & fries for one of our fussier eaters.

Abdel came back with our Drinks & then bowls of salad with passion fruit dressing. I could have been content to savor the bread’s rich flavours.

Next came plates of honey-coriander chicken wings and pork dumplings.(these were the sister in laws favourite)

These were appetizers, but they could have been meals on they're own.

Everything was all-you-can-eat! the wings were Tangy and delicious.

My seat at the end of the table afforded an excellent view of the grilling area, where skewers upon skewers of meat and shrimp delivered a firm reminder that the best was yet to come.

The food is served in large steel bowls & there is plenty for all & if you empty the bowl, just ask for another & it will be there before you know it.

As the meal progressed one of the Aunty's came around with a ukulele & serenaded the table.

Abdel was around the table every couple of minutes re-filling our glasses & asking if we wanted any thing else.

But we were now ready for the skewers of meat.

The meats were absolutely delicious, the sirloin steak was cooked to perfection at medium & the pork loin was tender & sweet to the taste.

But my favourite of the night was the shrimp.

They were delicious & cooked to perfection. I had 12 & Abdel did offer me more but after 12 & some steak I was more than full.

Once the meats, salads & pot stickers were over it was time for desert.

After all that great food ‘Ohana saves the best for last.

Before dessert arrived, I really did not know whether I could continue eating. But just one look at the bread pudding (with accompanying banana-caramel sauce) put a quick end to that internal debate.

It was the perfect end to the perfect meal.


I took the chance to sit back and take a good look around the restaurant.

From the authentic looking décor to the large flame grill BBQ area in the centre of the room

you get the Polynesian feel of the place..

The food was exceptional & considering the amount that is brought out to the tables it was consistent quality all the time.

‘Ohana is an absolute gem of a restaurant, one of those truly great Disney experiences that makes a vacation in Walt Disney World so magical.

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