The fun of having free Memory Maker

Now before I start, this Blog is about the Free Memory Maker UK guests of Disney world have when booking they're Vacation.

For those Travelling to Disney World & staying off property the Price is $149.

So this is not about saving Money but what you can get if you take advantage of the Free Memory maker.

We as a family have used memory maker 3 times over the past couple of years.

1. 2014 When we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

2. 2015 When the family stayed at The Art of Animation

3. 2016 When we stayed at The Cabins Fort Wilderness.

This Year we are staying at Port Orleans Riverside & will be using it again.

On each instance the Memory Maker was free.

For me & the Mrs we love leafing through our photos from past vacation trips, where ever that was.

And with the digital age saving them to the cloud & every so often getting them up on our smart TV & reminiscing on past vacations is fun & can be a little nostalgic.

The memory maker is available to all guests of Disney World whether staying or property or not.

All photos taken are available digitally from the PhotoPass web site.( more about this later)

There are photo pass photographers all over Disney World.

So What is Disney PhotoPass?.

Using the latest digital Photographic equipment & CGI engineered technology, a large team of trained professional photographers take photos of guests enjoying they're time together at & around the Walt Disney World theme parks. You may be meeting your favorite Disney Character, during Disney dining experiences or near numerous famous Disney locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

The Disney PhotoPass Website

The Disney PhotoPass service gives all guests a way to capture those special moments with everyone in the picture together.

The ability to share memories has been made a lot easier thanks to the online site of Disney PhotoPass, where guests’ vacation photos are linked together into one online account that they can access at their leisure through the "My disney app" to view, share and order photos.

On the app there is a link to the "Memory Maker"

One of the Disney PhotoPass features available at a number of select Walt Disney World attractions & rides captures the guests experiences on a short video.

There are new, Animated Magic Shots that add some Disney animation to your photo memories for guests.

When visiting select locations at Walt Disney World theme parks, guests can ask a Disney PhotoPass photographer for an Animated Magic Shot. Once they visit, they will see that the magic shot has been applied to their photo featuring a Disney Character or particular animation.

. A great feature of the the Memory maker & my PhotoPass is the enhancements & editing you can do to the photos.

We love it when we arrive back home from vacation & spend a few evening going through all the photo's and editing them to our likes.

Here are a few pictures that we have edited over the past few years.

You can add the year or the park or well known sayings to the pictures.

Once you are on the Memory maker / PhotPass site you can change the look of the pictures as many times as you like in the 30 day's they are available to you.

During that period you can download them as many times as you like.

Over the past 3 years we have averaged 450 photos per Vacation.

It may seem a lot but over 14 day's that adds up to an average 33 photos per day.

In the past I have taken far more than that on my cameras without achieving the desired affect

The queues for the photopass photographers are never more than 5-8 minutes. (except at character spots where the queues can be quite long)

So you are not losing too much time waiting for that professional photo to be taken.

Also the quality of the digital prints once downloaded are first class.

Now I know there are people out there who will give reasons why they don't use the memory maker & how it can be cheaper & more cost effective in other way's.

Personally for me & my family who are not as well versed in the way cameras work or what settings are best for different light levels, so this is a great option.

When we get home & once we have downloaded the photos we love displaying them or placing them in photo albums.

The cost of printing the pictures here in the UK is not that expensive.

We put all the Photos we want on a pen drive & take it to our local Asda (Walmart) store for printing.

Depending on the amount of Photos you want printed will depend on the cost.

We normally print between 120 - 200 photos.

They cost around £0.10p per print if your American that's around $0.12c a print.

For us as a family it's the best option & it is free when we book our vacation.

But we still take the Cameras with us & we still take the photos that are blurred or spoilt due to the wrong light settings.

That is something I suppose we will always do our vacations would not be the same if we did not try to be the budding photographers.

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