Pecos Bills Dining Review

Service: Counter Service

Type of Food: American

Location: Magic Kingdom, Frontierland

Disney Dining Plan: Yes, Counter Service Credit

We have only eaten here once in the past 10 years & when we finished eating here we wished we had been here on previous visits.

The restaurant it's self straddles both Adventure & Fantasyland.

But the decor inside is more reminiscent of Adventureland.

When we ate here it was the old Menu of mainly burgers.

But recently they have changed the menu.

The current Menu is now more mexican with Fajitas & Burritos available.

Before ordering take a walk around the dining area you will be surprised at just how big the restaurant is.

This is probably one of the largest seating areas in a restaurant at Disney World.

It's a great place to get out of the Floridian Sun.

The one thing we do love at Pecos Bills is the Fixins bar.

This free and you can really make the meal go a long way by building a salad to go with your food.

Now you've scoped the place out it's time to order.

On a busy day at the parks this place see's some really long queues.

The day we visited we were there at opening which I believe was 11:00am.

No queues & the fixin's bar had all fresh salads & dips waiting.

We ordered our meals & both had the Burgers.

We then hightailed it to the salad bar for our serve your self salad.

All in all the food was great & having the luxury of the salad bar to fill up on was

We both enjoyed our burgers with the salads we had.

The place was nice & quiet & we sat at the back of the restaurant in a lovely cool area.

When we finished our food we decided to look around in there a bit more & found there was a seating area outside.

Now this seating area looks out onto the main route of the daily parade.

So if you can get a seat & time it right you could be sat there eating & enjoying the festival of fantasy parade as it goes by.

All in all we had a great experience here & the food was really good.

We are looking forward to dining here again & trying the new menu.

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