1900 Park Fare Breakfast Review

We have ate at 1900 park Fare on a few occasions over the years but never for Breakfast.

In 2016 we decided as a family to book a breakfast at 1900 park fare, before heading off to MK for the day.

1900 park fare is located at The Grand Floridian Hotel. It is probably the most breath taking of all the resorts at Disney World.

As you walk in to the hotel, either on the first floor from the Monorail platform or on the Ground floor through the main entrance the sheer size of the main hall is a sight to see.

The restaurant is situated on the Ground floor. Once you are in the Hotel go to the left of the lobby & walk to the rear of the Grand Hall. Whilst we walked to the Restaurant, the splendour of the Hotel is slowly revealed.

As you look up at the grand Chandelier hanging in the centre of the hall the sheer size is awe inspiring.

Once we arrive at the restaurants front desk, we are quickly booked in & taken to our table located near the centre of the room. The experience is an all you can eat buffet with characters.

Our server explained what was on the menu & took our drink orders.

The offerings are:

Signature Offerings -

Floridian Strawberry Soup, Cheese Blintz with toppings, Smoked Salmon with toppings, Omelets and Eggs made to order, House-made Corned Beef Hash, Classic Eggs Benedict, and a Yogurt Bar.

Carving Station -

Hickory-smoked Ham with a brown sugar Maple Honey Glaze (meat may vary)

Breakfast Favorites -

Pancakes, plain and onion bagels, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, maple French toast, assorted pastries, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cheese grits, potatoes O'Brien, stewed tomatoes, jasmin rice, crushed avocado

Fresh Fruits and Breads -

grapefruit, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, fruit salad, croissants, assorted muffins, multigrain bread, raisin bread, flour tortillas, assorted jams, donut holes, sticky buns

Sweets and Treats -

Bread pudding with vanilla sauce, sticky cinnamon buns, assorted donut holes

Our server came back with a Jug of O/Juice & a Jug of Coffee.

The characters you get to meet are Mary Poppins, Alice & the mad hatte Tiger & Winnie the pooh.

They come around on a regular bases visiting all the Tables.

Once we were settled it was time to try the food.

There was a great variety on offer & everyone in our party of 6 had something they liked. We do have one fussy eater, but on this occasion there was plenty on offer that she liked.

Before we got to 1900 Park Fare, we were told to try the Strawberry soup.

This we did with mixed reviews. Some of us liked it & others were not so keen.

Me personally loved it & had 2 bowls.

The place can get quite loud at times. but this you would expect at a character meal. For us it was not a problem, but some guests might find it a little off putting.

One of the things I loved about this restaurant is the theming.

On one wall is a large Organ.

And around the room there are wooden carousel figurines of Horses & Rabbits.

We loved the food & the atmosphere when we were inside & it was a great start to our day before heading off to the MK.

As a 1 credit TS meal I believe it is well worth it. Even if we did not have the dining plan I believe it is well worth the cost.

As you come out of the restaurant there is photo pass opportunity.


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