Restaurants At Disney World For Viewing the Firewoks

Restaurants at Disney World for viewing the Fireworks from.

More & more people have dining with views of night time fireworks on their wish list of things they want to do when visiting Disney World. Some people want to accomplish two things at once - great food with a fantastic view of the fireworks.

If you are interested in doing this here are some tips and a list of the dining options for viewing night time firework shows at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

General tips

  • Make sure you book your reservation for around an hour before the night time firework show is scheduled to start.

  • Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will get a fireworks view. When arrive at your restaurant of choice, ask to be seated where you can see/view the show, but be aware that sometimes it may not be possible. If you don’t mind waiting that little longer for a table, it won’t hurt to ask if you can wait for a table with a view.

  • There are many tables near windows, but they may not all have a “perfect” view. Your line of sight might include trees, pillars or walls.

  • Most of the Restaurants will have the music piped in, but not all of them. If you are hoping to watch the fireworks with the music from your table, contact the restaurant direct & ask beforehand if the music is piped in.


Inside the Magic Kingdom there are several restaurants you may see snippets of the fireworks. But none of them really has a full view of the whole Fireworks show.

But outside the Kingdom there are some great restaurants to view the Fireworks.

California Grill

Location: Contemporary Resort Cuisine: American, seafood, sushi On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, Table Service (requires 2 credits) Music piped in? Yes

Pros: Here at the California grill there is a Viewing deck available for patrons. There are also fabulous views throughout the restaurant of the Fireworks. You can also eat an earlier meal, leave the grill and then return with your receipt to watch the fireworks from the viewing deck areas.

Cons: The only real con is the angle of you view. You are slightly off centre so you watch the fire works at an angle from the Castle..


Location: Grand Floridian Resort Cuisine: American, seafood On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, Table Service (requires 2 credits) Music piped in? Yes

Pros: The Restaurant is unique in it is tiered, this helps to maximize the number of tables that can see out the windows & take in the Fireworks show. Also, there is a porch running around the outside of the restaurant available for viewing the fireworks from outside. The windows are also tall & long & offer a great view across the lake to MK at night.

Cons: Even though deck outside is a pro, it becomes a con if you are seated at the window & your view is blocked by people on the deck watching the Fireworks..


Location: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Cuisine: American, Polynesian On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, Table Service Music piped in? Yes

Pros: Here you will find the cheapest place to dine & view the the fire works. Here if you get the right Table the fire works are straight ahead & will be behind the castle.

Cons: Not all the Tables in the restaurant have a view of the fireworks. Being one of the cheaper options it is always busy &requesting a window Table or a view of the castle from your table is not always possible.


The Illuminations at Epcot are done in the middle of the lake. So there are plenty of dining options around to the lake to see the fireworks from.

I would always recommend if it is your first visit & first Illuminations show to watch it from one of the many viewing spots around the lake.

But if you want that special dinner & fireworks shows check out these restaurants.

La Hacienda de San Angel

Location: Mexico Pavilion Cuisine: Mexican On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, Table Service

Music piped in? Yes Link to Menu

Pros: This Restaurant looks out on the Lagoon & has large full length windows which gives one of the best viewing options for illuminations.

Cons: There are areas of the restaurant that have no lagoon view at all, this means you would have to watch the Illuminations from the back the dining areas that has a view.

Spice Road Table

Location: Morocco Pavilion Cuisine: Mediterranean On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, Table Service Music piped in? Yes

Pros: There are 2 dining areas to this restaurant 1 indoors & 1 outdoors. Both offer good views across the Lagoon

Cons: There are 2 cons to this Restaurant. If you are outside the tables are covered & if you are at the ceiling will obstruct the higher fire work views. Also there are a few small islands in the lagoon that will obstruct your view.

Monsier Paul

Location: France Pavilion Cuisine: French On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, Table Service (requires 2 credits) Music piped in? Yes

Pros: Since this restaurant is on the 2nd floor, there are fabulous lagoon views out the windows.

Cons: There are a limited amount of tables with window views. Also the Windows are small so if you are not at a window table the view of the lagoon & Fireworks will be limited.

Rose and Crown

Location: United Kingdom Pavilion Cuisine: British On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, Table Service Music piped in? Yes

Pros: Probably the best view of Illuminations while dining.

Cons: Due to this restaurant being a popular place for dining and watching Illuminations, it can be very difficult to get a table on the patio.


All through the year Disney will offer alternative premium dining type packages that will provide Guests with an area reserved for the Fireworks/ Illuminations show with some food & drinks provided. These are not full meals & you can expect different deserts & beverages to have whilst you wait for the shows to start.

These are not cheap options & you will pay an higher price for these premium viewing locations.

Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party

When: Select nights throughout the year Location: Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Cuisine: Soft Beverages desserts, seasonal fruits and cheeses Cost: $49 for adults, $29 for children Note: All guests who attend get to enjoy the desserts and beverages. Guests who book ahead of time will view fireworks from the restaurant, and those who make same-day reservations will view from the Plaza Garden area.

Pros: A lot less crowded than it would be on Main Street or in front of the castle.

Cons: Expensive for what you get.

Illuminations Sparkling Dessert party

When: Select nights throughout the year Location: World Showcase Plaza Cuisine: Beverages (both select alcoholic and nonalcoholic options) and international themed desserts inspired by the World Showcase Cost: $49 for adults, $29 for children

Pros: The location of the party offers a great view of Illuminations.

Cons :Standing only no seats & expensice for what you get.

If anyone can think of any restaurants or quick service locations that provide a great viewing

then let me know.

A Galactic Spectacular Desert Party

When : Every Night at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Where : The Launch Bay

Cuisine : Beverages sodas, cocktails, Teas , Coffees Fruit Juices.

Food: Star wars themed cakes, Dips & Breads, cheeses, olives, Ice creams.

Cost $79 for Adults $59 for Children

Pros : The Desert Party is in the Launch Bay.

You are escorted to your viewing spot by Stormtroopers.

Cons: If you have kids get them to the front in the reserved viewing area.

As it fills up they're view towards the back can be obscured unfortuantely

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