Our Top 3 shows At Disney World

Most Disney guests staying on property will hit the rides & attractions really hard whilst they are there.

For me & the wife we love going to the different shows that are at Disney World.

There are a number of different shows all over property & we class the fireworks as a show.

Here is the list we put together that we class as a show & they are in no particular order.

The Country Bears Jamboree MK

Illuminations EPCOT

Opening Ceremony Magic Kingdom MK

Beauty & the Beast live DHS

Festival of The Lion King AK

Nemo the Musical AK

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular DHS

Fantasmic DHS

Festival of Fantasy Parade MK

March Of The Order DHS

Star Wars A galactic Spectacular

British Experiance UK pavillion Epcot

Electrical Water Pagent

Flights Of Wonder AK

Frozen for the first Time in Forever A sing Along

Jewelled Dragon Acrobats China Pavillion Epcot

Main Street Trolley Show MK

Matsuriza Drummers Japaneese Pavillion Epcot

The Muppets Present Great Moments In history MK

Rivers Of Light AK

Star Wars A Galaxy Far Far away DHS

Mickey's Philarmagic

The American Adventure American Pavillion Epcot

Happily Ever After Night time Fire works show MK.

There are more you can add to the list & I am sure a lot of people will disagree that a lot of them are shows.

But we class them as shows as we stand or sit & watch them. We are not on a ride going around a track or on a waterway.

We love them because they give us a chance to have that moment away from wandering around the park, for some of them they are in lovely air conditioned theaters.

This gives 10 -30 minutes to relax from the Floridian heat.

It's a time to re-charge a little & get that second breath before heading out into the park crowds again.

Our 3 favourites are:

1.Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios.

As a family we love the drama & the atmosphere of this show. There alway's seems to be a carnival type vibe if you are in there early & the Cast members are interacting with the guests.

The show it's self is a spectacular projection character & fireworks show.

2.The Festival of The Lion King Animal Kingdom.

We love this show at Animal Kingdom. Now we believe Animal Kingdom is the hottest park of them all. So when we are there we look forward to the 30-40 minutes inside an air conditioned building. But the show is absolutely fantastic. The songs remind of you of the film & our favourite part is the Tumbling Monkey's. But the whole show & the different acts is pure brilliance.

3.Illuminations at World Showcase.

We loved the Wishes fireworks at MK, but our favourite Fireworks show is Illuminations at World Showcase. The last time we watched the show from a fast pass spot & had a brilliant view. But we have watched the show from a few different areas around the lake & have never failed to enjoy the show. The fireworks & music are brilliantly matched.

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