Disney World 2017 Day 1 part 1

We started our day bright & Early as we were still on UK time. Got up at 05:00am a little exited about our first full day at WDW.

Check in the night before was easy & once we made it to our room could relax.

This morning we headed out to The Magic Kingdom for our first day in the parks.

Got to the Kingdom at 07:40am, we strolled through the shops before watching the Welcome show in front of the Castle.

The show was great & we really enjoyed it.

Once the show had finished we decided to head off to Frontierland & do a couple of rides.

We had a few Fast passes booked for the morning but decided to see if we could do any rides without waiting.

First up was Splash Mountain.

We could not believe our luck it was practically a walk on. We met the end of the line at the boarding stage.

We even managed to get front row seats.

I can only say both of us got soaked to the skin.

Lucky for us we are in Florida & the heat at 09:15am was at 80 degrees. We dried of quickly.

We then headed over to Big thunder Mountain & again it was a walk on.

We could not believe our luck, it's the end of July & 1 of the busiest weeks at Disney world during the summer & we were getting walk on rides.

After the Big thunder Mountain ride we decided to head over to the pirates of the Caribbean. The sign said 10 minutes, but we walked straight on again.

Now we knew our luck would run out at some point, it was now 09:55am & we had to head over to Peter Pans Flight for our first Fast pass. This ride said 55 minutes in standby. Our fast passes got us on in 10 minutes.

After this ride our next Fast pass was for 7 dwarf mine train, but unfortunately the ride went down & we were given a fast pass to do any time that day.

By now we were getting a little peckish so decided to do a tradition of ours & get our first Dole Whip of this vacation.

Once we had our Dole Whips in a nice shaded area it was time to use the fast pass we had for any ride. So we decided to head off to Haunted Mansion. Trying to scan our Magic Bands we had problems. In the end the lovely cast member just let us go in without scanning our bands. This left us with the free pass.

The heat was getting a bit strong now & the time was 11:15am. We headed off to a show we both like & that was the Country bears Jamboree, the theatre is air conditioned & the show is about 20 minutes.

By the end of the show we were relaxed & felt a little rested.

Time for another ride, we headed off to the Little Mermaid ride expecting a long line, but we were surprised it was only 5 minutes.

After that ride we had a chat & decided 1 more ride before going for Lunch. We still had our fast pass that we could use for any ride.

Another Ride we both love is the Buzz lightyear Space Rangeer spin.

This was the longest we waited all morning in line, even though we had a fast pass we waited in line for 25 minutes.

Now it was time for a bit of lunch.

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