Disney World 2017 Day 1 part 2

After a great morning at MK, it was time for a spot of lunch.

Before we came out to Orlando we had seen video reviews of the new Geyser Point QS at Wilderness lodge.

So we headed off to Wilderness Lodge via the resort Boat service.

Once we got there it was only a short walk to restaurant.

Now there is quick service window or if you like find a table & servers will take your orders.

We decided to order at the window, all the food is prepared fresh. They give us a small numbered card & told us to find a table and the food will be brought out.

We both decided to go with Turky sandwiches.

I had lattice fries with mine & Mandy had Quinoa salad.

We found a table sat down & took in the views.

The restaurant over looks a like & is completely open plan.

It was nor long before our Meals arrived.

The Sandwiches were perfect for that time of a day. A big enough meal & not too heavy.

We both enjoyed our meals the turkey & fillings were perfect.

The wife's quinoa salad in her words delicious & just perfect with the Turkey sandwich.

Once we had finished our meals we decided to get a table closer to the lake & partake in a cocktail each.

We stayed out of the direct sunlight & orderd our Cocktails.

I had I believe was a Blue Wilderness & the wife had a Cabana Banana.

Both were really nicely made cocktails.

After about half an hour we decided to explore a little before heading back to our hotel to get ready for an evening at MK.

At 18:00pm we caught a bus to the Magic Kingdom for the Tomorrowland Desert party.

We have done it before & decided to do it again for the new Happily ever after Desert Party.

Our Booking was for 08:00pm, we had an hour to kill so decided to do a little shop browsing.

At 07:45 we headed off to Tomorrowland Terrace & booked in.

We were escorted to our table which was perfectly placed for seeing the castle & no body in front of us.

Our view was totally unobstructed & we could sit & watch the Fireworks at our leisure.

On offer was Apple cider a variety of Cheeses, fruit, varying deserts, Varying Fruit Juices, tea & Coffee & all buffet style so you could have as much as you wanted.. The whole experience was really wonderful.

We patiently waited for the show to start, we have seen the wishes show on several occasions & have a sentimental attachment to the show.

Once the show started though we absolutely loved it.

Disney have excelled again & produced a spectacular Visual show.

After the show we waited for the new Once upon a Time projection show on the castle & again another brilliant show.

If the rest of our vacation is as great as today has been we are in for an awesome time.

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