Disney World 2017 Day 2 Part 1Wed 26th of July 2017

This morning we are off to Disneys Hollywood studios.

Up early again at 06:30am.

We left the Hotel at 08:00am & got to DHS at 08:35.

Once the park was open we headed straight for Star Tours the wifes favourite ride.

As the park had just opened there was no line & we walked more or less straight on.

When we came off the ride the standby line was only 5 minutes, so in we went again.

The best part of Star Tours is the different experiences you can have on the ride.

We were fortunate our second ride was totally different from the first ride.

We then headed over to Toy Story for the first of our 3 fast passes.

As usual we get competative on the Ride & I won, but this made it 1 all as Mandy beat me on Buzz Zlightyear the day before at Magic Kingdom.

We now headed back to Star Tours for our Second fast pass. & 3rd ride of Star Tours.

Again the experience was totally different to the first 2 rides.

We now needed some refreshments and a snack so headed over to Sunset boulevard & Anaheim produce.

We shared a Pretzel & both had Frozen Strawberry Lemonades.

Here we took a little time out for a rest & people watched for a little.

We then walked over to Hollywood Boulevard & watched the March of The Order.

I filmed the March & it will be available in the near future on my youtube site.

It was now time to do another attraction, the line for voyage of the little mermaid was short so we decided to do that before our next & final fast pass of the morning.

This was a welcome experience to do as the theatre was air conditioned & nice break away from the heat.

We saw goofy walking to his photopass space , there were no lines so decided to get a photo done.

We stopped at the stage in font of the Chinese theatre to watch the new Starwars A Galaxy Far Far Away show.

It was now time for our last fast pass. This was for The great Movie Ride, the ride would be closing for good on the 18th of August & we wanted to make sure we did the ride.

We headed over did the fast pass & decided to go back to the hotel for lunch & a bit of R&R before an evening at the Boardwalk and Dinner at The Flying Fish.

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