Disney World Day 2 Part 2 The Resort & The Boardwalk

After our morning at Hollywood studios it was time to head back to Port Orleans River side for a spot of lunch & a little R&R before heading over to the Boardwalk for an evening meal & a look around the resort.

On arrival back at Port Orleans we decided to have lunch at the riverside Mill quick service on site. It was 1:00pm & our reservation at the Flying Fish on the Boardwalk was for 08:00p. So we had plenty of time to eat & relax before getting ready to go to the Boardwalk.

We both decided to have sandwiches for our lunch.

I had the pulled pork & Chips, Mandy had the beef melt & Coleslaw.

Both sandwiches were made fresh in front of us.

For a quick service meal they were really tasty & we both enjoyed what we had.

We finished our lunch & headed back to our room.

As we had a little time on our hand we decided to explore the resort a little & look around the other guest areas. The temperature was in the low 90's & we took a leisurely walk around the resort.

It was the perfect thing to do & walk off our lunch at the same time.

We walked around for about an hour doing what holiday makers do & that's pulling the camera out & taking a few photos around the site.

We were surprised at the size of the resort.

It probably took us just over an hour to walk around & take in the different types of buildings.

It was now getting on for 3.00pm so we headed back to our room to get ready for our trip to the Boardwalk & the flying fish for dinner.

At 05:30 we headed to the east bus depot at Port Orleans to catch a bus to Epcot.

There are no direct Buses from Port Orleans to the Boardwalk, so we decided to get to Epcot & walk to the international gateway at World showcase to catch a launch to the Boardwalk.

Our reservation was for 08:00pm, so we gave our self's 2.5hrs to get there.

The bus came at 05:35pm & by 06:05pm we were walking through the Main entrance at Epcot.

Once through the front entrance we headed on over to World Showcase for a little walk around as we had plenty of time to spare.

After exploring a few of the shops we headed to the international gateway & a boat ride to the Boardwalk.

Once at the boardwalk we checked the time, we had about half an hour before our reservation. So we explored the Boardwalk a little.

At 08:00pm we checked in to the Flying fish & was shown to our table within 5 minutes.

Our sever was Erica who was awesome.

She took our drinks orders then brought us glasses of water.

Unfortunately for me I hit my glass of Water off the table & onto the tiled floor.

The sound was loud & the place went quiet. At this point I just wanted the floor to open up & swallow me. But before I knew it Erica was at the table with 2 other servers & the mess was cleared & a new glass of water was on the table.

Erica even offered to take us to another Table, but we were happy where we were seated. To the one side was a large glass cabinet filled with different wines from around the World.

Once the mess I had caused was cleaned up the drinks we had ordered turned up.

I had a beer called the Big Wave draft.

Mandy had a flight of 3 different wines.

Now it was time to order our mains.

We had already decided we were not going to have a starter before we got to the Flying Fish.


Many ordered first & had Wagyu filet mignon fingerling potatos asparagus rainbow carrots borderlaise sauce.

For me I love seafood, & before coming out here on this trip I had seen a review by the DIS on the Flying fish.

Craig Williams of the DIS recommended the Oak grilled Octopus.

So I ordered the Wood Fired Spanish Octopus Chilean sea bass key west shrimp bomba arroz Peruvian sweet peppers potato & a beure blanc.

Mandy is not a lover of seafood & some times eats with her eyes rather than taste.

But on this instance after I said how delicious it was she tried a bit.

Surprisingly she loved the flavour but still was not keen on the look of the tentacle & the suckers.

But we both agreed the mains were delicious & we were now looking forward to choosing our deserts.

All the time we were there our server Erica was regularly checking on us & asking if there was anything else she could get us.

Now it was time for Desert.

Mandy ordered the Cherries peaches & sea shells mascarpone cream Georgia peaches cherries hibiscus meringue rye bourbon caramel.

It looked like a painting on a plate.

The desert looked delicious & Mandy was more than happy with her choice of desert.

Now it was time for me to order my desert.

I went with the Under the sea Valrhona manjari chocolate, chocolate coral sponge, pistachio sand dehydrated milk foam & a tasting of 3 salts.

Again another picture on a plate.

We did what we always do & tried each others deserts.

Both were really delicious & we both thought they ere equally delicious.

Once we had finished our deserts & drinks we decided to take a walk along the Boardwalk.

We were surprised at how busy the place was & the amount of entertainers there was along the Boardwalk.

Time was now getting on & we both decided to have a final nightcap before heading back to our resort.

There is a bar at the Boardwalk we both were looking forward to trying.

It's called the ABRACADABAR & is themed around magicians.

Here you can get different cocktails & drinks.

The inside has some curious items that has been used over the years in different magic acts.

We loved it in there & both of us ordered a different cocktail.

I ordered the Hoodunnits Punch & Mandy Ordered the Coney Negroni.

They were both really nice Cocktails but very strong. Fortunately we both asked for water & used a little to water down the cocktails.

Both of us felt really comfortable in the Abracadabar & we decided before we left that we were going to visit this place again before we went home


Once we had finished our Drinks we decided to call it a night & head back to our resort.

Now when we arrived earlier in the evening we caught the Bus to Epcot, now though it was 10:45pm & Epcot was closed. So we had to find a different way back to our resort.

Fortunately the Boardwalk does transport to Disney Springs.

We managed to get a Bus at 11:00pm got to Disney Springs Bus depot just as a Port Orleans Bus was pulling in.

We jumped on it & got back to our room by 11:55pm.

And that's day 2 of our Vacation over.

Day 3 will find us at Animal Kingdom.

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