Disney World Day 3 Thursday 27th of July 2017

Today we are off to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon & evening.

So the morning was going to be a little lie in & the closest pool for a swim & relax.

Well we got up at 08:00am, not bad considering we did not get in the night before until 11:55pm & got to bed around 12:45

We went over at 08:30am to the Riverside mill for a coffee & a light Breakfast.

We have a dinner reservation package with Rivers of light reserved seating later on that afternoon so we had the morning to relax.

This was our 3rd day & first rest day.

Once we had eaten our small breakfast we headed back to our room got our swimsuits & headed to our nearest poll.

We were really fortunate the pool was less than 50 yards from our room.

At Port Orleans there is a main Pool at a place called Old Man island.

This pool get's really busy & is more geared up for children.

But we decided to stay close to our room & used the pool there.

We loved the pool it was big enough to have a good a swim in & when we got there there was only 2 other guests there.

We had 2 great hours relaxing around the pool.

All the time we were there it remained quiet with only 1 other young family in the pool at the same time.

As the Morning wore on the heat started to get higher & we are not big lovers of lying around in 90degree heat.

We headed back to the room had quick showers & decided to Explore the reception area & the site store.

After having a good look around & buying a few snacks & some drinks for our room we headed back to the room to get ready to Head off to Animal Kingdom & our first look at The World Of Avatar.

At 13:30 we headed to the East Depot to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom.

Once Inside Animal Kingdom we headed straight to the Tough to be a bug ride. The last time we were here in 2015 we did the ride with the wife's sister & the kids.

We love the ride for the walk below the Tree of Life.

There are some great carvings that you see up close.

The show was great as always.

After the show we walked around the gardens that are below the Tree of Life & took in some of the smaller animals that are kept there.

Our Meal reservation was for 15:30pm at the Tiffins Restaurant & the time was now 15:15pm.

So we headed over to Tiffins to book in.

The CM's at the front desk told us it was about a 10-15minute wait. We were early so that was not a problem.

The wait was less than 10 minutes before we were shown to our table.

The surroundings in the dining room was themed om African / Asian décor.

We were taken In with the whole place.

Now we were really hungry as we only had a light breakfast.

Our Server came around & gave us some information on the different dishes & then took our Food Order.

As it was going to be a long night evening we decided to go with soft drinks & gave Alcohol a miss.

In was now time to order & we both had starters.

I had a selection of Cheeses & crisp Breads.

The Wife had bread & dips. The Dips were Tadka, Black-Eyed Pea Hummus, Zhough Yogurt.

Both starters were really delicious.

Once we had finished our Starters we ordered our mains.

Being a Seafood lover I ordered Swordfish & black rice with Forbidden Rice, Tsukemono, Trumpet Royale & Carrot-Coconut Purée.

The wife had Wagyu Beef & Short Rib Rainbow Carrots, Roasted Peruvian Potatoes, Chimichurri

Both Dishes were delicious & we were not rushed at all.

Well it was time to order Desert, we knew we were struggling but The food was so good we had to try a desert.

I had South American Chocolate Ganache.

The wife Had Caramelized Banana, Cocoa Nib Tuile.

We thoroughly enjoyed the meal & would definitely recommend people trying it.

It is a signature Restaurant & if you are on the regular Dining Plan it will cost you 2 meal credits per person.

After we left Tiffins In was now time to head over to the world of Pandora.

Fortunately Tiffins is situated at the main entrance way to Pandora & the Moara Valley.

The first thing you notice as you cross over the bridge is the sounds change.

From the undergrowth to the sides strange animal sounds ring out as you walk on.

A little further on you notice the fauna changes, some is man made but looks real & you start to get the feel of being some where different.

Then all of a sudden the floating mountains come into view & what a sight it is.

They have really excelled in the theming of this part of the park.


We wandered around for a while taking in the sites & just admiring the work that has been done to achieve the effect.

We had a fast pass for the Na'avi River & headed over there.

The ride is unique & we really enjoyed it.

Due to the tier system we could not get a fast pass on this day for the Flight of passage & the wait time was 155 minutes.

We decided we were not going to wait in the line as we had a fast pass for another day.

After coming off the Na'avi river ride we decided to try the drinks at Pongu Pongu refreshments.

Many had a Moara magarita & I had a hawks Grog.

It was strange having a beer coloured Green, but it was a good pint of ale. Mandy's Margarita was nice & there was little balls of some type of fruit juice that were really nice.

We sat down outside Wind traders the store that was in the park & just took a little time out to have rest & a little relax.

We left Pandora & headed over to Africa as we had fast passes for the Festival of the Lion king show. We have seen this show every time we are on vacation in Florida & love the show.

After the show finished we headed on over to the Maharaji Jungle Trek for a chilled walk around taking in the birds & animal that are there.

On our way to the Jungle Trek we took in a little street entertainment at the Harambi Market area.

Whilst there we had an Alcoholic Dole Whip from the Tamu Tamu Refereshment bar.

After enjoying the Jungle Trek it was now time to head to the Rivers of Light arena for the Evening Show.

We were shown to our seats & took in the show.

Without spoiling it for any one by saying to much we loved the show.

The lights & Projections were awesome.

Once the show was over we headed on over to Dinoland for our final fast pass of the day on Dinosaur.

We enjoy this ride & the walk through the themed institute at the beginning.

Whilst we were are Animal Kingdom this year Disney had decided to do daily EMH for guests staying at they're resorts.

Every day the World of Pandora would be open an extra 2 hours from 10:00pm to midnight.

So we headed over to Pandora to see if we could get on Flight of Passage. Unfortunately the line was still 105 minutes long. So we headed to the Na'avi river & the line was only 35 minutes so we rode the ride for the second time that day.

We took another look around the windtraders store & decided to call it a day.

By the time we got back to the resort it was a little after 12:30am & boy were we tired.

The next day of our trip we have plans to be at MK for EMH at 08:00am.

So we would need to leave the resort by 07:00am so not a lot of sleep tonight.

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