Disney World Day 4 Part 1

Today we start at the Magic Kingdom before an evening at Disney Springs.

This morning we were up at 06:30 & out of the room at 07:10 to get to the MK for EMH opening at 08:00am. Before we left we were already tired having only 5 & half hours sleep.

We headed to the east depot bus stop to catch a bus to MK. We were only there 5 minutes before our bus arrived.

We arrived at MK at 07:50 with 10 minutes to spare.

We headed to the castle & was pointed towards Tomorrow land where they were letting in people for EMH.

Most people were rushing off to Space Mountain & the Seven Dwarfs ride.

We decided we would do the classics.

So first stop the Winnie the pooh ride.

We got on straight away with no wait. The ride it's self lasts about 2 minutes but it is a classic.

Once off the ride we headed over to It's a small World & again no wait time.

We got off the ride & realised it was only 08:25. 2 rides done & we had only been there 25 minutes.

So we headed to the Haunted Mansion, this time there was a line & it was only 10 minutes.

This again is one of our joint favourite rides.

When we came off the Haunted Mansion it was now 08:50 & in 10 minutes they would be leaving everyone into the park.

We headed to Peter Pans flight & got into line, this time we waited about 15 minutes which was not that bad.

For our first hour we were doing really well 4 rides down & it was only 09:15am.

We headed over to Adventureland for a walk around.

When we got there we noticed the Jungle cruise was only a 15 minute wait so joined the line to do the ride.

So far our day was going really well. We seemed to be jumping from ride to ride with no trouble at all at the moment.

We came of the Jungle boat Ride & decided to get a drink to keep hydrated.

We headed on over to Liberty square got a drink & the Muppets started one of they're brief moments in History shows.

No argument from either of us we decided to watch the show.

It was just like the sketches they do on the muppet show funny & enjoyable.

We were getting hungry now & close to us was the Sleepy Hollow where they do fresh waffles.

We headed over there Mandy decided to have the fresh fruit, Nutella & cream.

I went with Eggs & Ham.

The food was really Delicious & the pictures really don't give it justice.

We stayed there in the shade after we ate for about half hour.

It was now time to get up & do something else. So we headed over to Tomorrowland to relax on the People mover.

We walked through Fantasyland & noticed that it was only 5 minutes before the next show of Mickey's Philharmagic. We decided to take in the show & then head over to the People Mover.

Once the show had finished we headed over to Tomorrowland to ride the People Mover.

After doing the ride which was quite relaxing we headed over to our only fast pass of the Day Buzz lightyears Space ranger spin.

We were fortunate we had fast passes as the wait time was 75 minutes.

After the ride we walked over to Frontierland to see how long the Line was for Big Thunder Mountain. Unfortunately it was over 65 minutes & we did not fancy standing in line as the temperature was well into the nineties.

We decided to catch the train at Frontierland & take a ride around the park.

We rode the train over to the old Toon Town & got off there to have a look around the Big Top Treats store.

Considering what we had done this morning the time was only 12:10pm.

We had a busy Night ahead of us at Disney Springs that se decided to head back to the resort have a rest before we headed off to Disney Springs.

We mad it to the Front of the Park & caught a bus at 12:35 getting back to our room a little after 01:00pm. Due to the late night & early morning we had a little nap to re-charge our batteries.

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