Disney World Day 4 Part 2

After a short Nap it was time to get ready & head on over to Disney Springs for an evening.

This evening we were going to do a little bar hoping & just enjoy the entertainment they have at Disney Springs. So once we were ready we decided to take one of the boats from Port Orleans Riverside to Disney Springs.

We headed over to the dock area & waited about 10 minutes for a boat to arrive.

The boat ride is a pleasant 25 minute cruise down the Sassagoula river passing Port Orleans French Quarter, Tree Top Villas & Saratoga Springs resorts.

When we got to Disney Springs we head over to the shops at the Market Place.

But on the way we were passing the Day's of Christmas shop & had to pop in for a look around. On this our first visit to the shop we decided not to purchase anything, but we did eye a few things that we might purchase later on in our Holiday.

From here we walked over to the world of Disney.

The wife can spend hours & a small fortune in here, but we were at Disney Springs for a quick bite to eat & to take in a few bars.

It has been awhile since our Brunch at Sleepy Hollow & we were getting hungry.

So we headed to the Daily Poutine for a quick bite to eat.

I have to say when they came over the Counter the first thing that came to me was they do not look appetising at all.

But surprisingly they were really delicious & flavourful. The wife had the French Poutine I had the deconstructed Cheese Burger.

We found a table close by ate our poutines & decide we would visit the Paddlefish Lounge gthat is on top of the boat.

We headed over there & found a nice little table on top of the boat.

We really enjoyed it on the upper deck we ordered a couple of drinks & just took in the views over Disney Springs. We stayed up there for 2 drinks & watched the Sun set from up there. It was getting on now & after 2 drinks we decided we wanted to try another bar.

So we headed over to Jock Lyndsey's Hangar bar.

We found some seats in the small boat to the right of the bar as you walk in.

The seats we had overlooked the Boathouse & just outside there was a band playing music.

Our server came & we decided to order 2 cocktails.

I had a Shorty's singapor Sling.

The wife had a wrong Island.

After tasting both drinks we swapped as the wife was not keen on her Wrong Island.

We were really comfortable here & at 09:00pm in the distance we could see the fireworks going off over at World Showcase.

We decided to order another round of Drinks & listened to the band playing outside. We could see they're speakers but the musicians themselves were hidden from view.

Our second round of Drinks arrived we both had Bud Lights.

By now we had decided to stay put & enjoy the surroundings & music from outside.

We had a 3rd round of drinks & just chilled listening to the music.

At 10:30 we decided to call it a night & headed back to the resort.

We caught a boat back to the resort & got in our room a little after 11:30am.

In the Morning we were off to Animal Kingdom & the evening dinner at Narcoosees.

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