Disney World Day 5 part 1 : Animal Kingdom

This Morning we are up at 07:15am to get ready to go to Animal Kingdom.

This Morning we have FP for Kilimanjaro Safari, Khali River rapids & the new Flight of passage.

Whilst the wife was having a shower I did the now standard walk to Riverside Mill for our Early Morning Coffees.

I also picked up 2 Yogurts with a muesli topping for a light breakfast each.

We had already decided we were going to go to the Satuli canteen for lunch.

We left the room at 08:15 & caught a bus to Animal Kingdom around 08:20 & got there a little before 09:00am.

Once in the park we headed over to Kilimanjaro Safaris for our first ride of he day.

As it was early the Animals were out in force & we got to see most of the Animals on the tour. It's one of the attractions we love doing & never fail to do when we are Animal Kingdom.

When we Came off the ride we headed over to do our second fast pass & our Joint favourite water ride the Khali river rapids. We both expect to get soaked on this ride, but we don't mind & the day's temperature was around 88-92degrees.

The ride used to have a place in the middle you could store your bags or back packs to stop your belongings getting soaked.

They have now done away with them, so if you take your belongings on the ride they may get soaked.

We headed over to the lockers to stow our belongings away. They are free for the first Hour I think then a couple of dollars if you do not return to them in the allocated free time.

Once we had stowed our belongings away we headed over to the fast pass line.

Fortunately the fast pass line was very short & we virtually walked onto the ride.

Well we definitely got soaked on the ride. But we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

When we came off the ride Mandy wanted to chill somewhere to dry out a little.

So we headed over to the Rivers of Light arena which is open during the day & looks out over the lake where the Rivers of Light show is performed every night.

Whilst in here Mandy got a cold drink & I headed over to the Everest ride.

This is one ride that Mandy dislikes, but I love.

So I decided to join the Single rider line.

The stand by line was a 55 minute wait, fortunately for me I was in the single rider line for about 10 minutes before getting on the ride.

After doing the ride I met Mandy & we decided to head over to Dino Land before making our way to the World of Pandora & our third & final Fast Pass of the day.

We decided to get a Mickey Ice Cream bar to cool us down a little.

We still had over an hour for our Flight of Passage fast pass.

So we headed over to the Gorilla Falls Exploration trail to see if the Gorillas there were active.

Fortunately for us the Gorillas were out & about.

After wandering around on the exploration trail for about 45 minutes, it was time to head to the world of Pandora & the Valley Of Moara.

This was our second visit & it would be our first ride of the Flight of Passage.

We walked around for a little while taking photos for our 2017 Album.

The world of Pandora is not a big area, it has 2 rides, 1 quick service restaurant, a snack & drinks kiosk & 1 unique store.

The beauty of Pandora is the theming & floating mountains.

After a few photo opportunities we headed over to the fast pass line & our maiden voyage on the flight of passage.

Now for those who loved the film & want to see the Avatar Lab, you are going to have to do the stand by line. As the fast pass line by-passes this area completely.

Once inside the ride area you are shown a short video about the Avatars.

I am not going to show any other pictures at this stage as this ride needs to be seen first hand to get the full experience yourself.

Once we did this ride we headed over to Satuli Canteen for our lunch.

The Food was delicious probably the best quick service food you will find at Disney World.

I had wood grilled Chicken & Mandy had the grilled beef.

Whilst we were there we had a look to see if there were any fast passes we could get.

Fortunately there were fast passes available for Nemo the musical at the next performance.

We love this show so headed over there & took in the show.

It was now 15:00pm & we had a dinner reservation that night at Narcoossees in the Grand Floridian for 08:30pm. So we headed back to the resort to relax for an hour or so & then get ready for the evening meal.

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