Disney World Day 5 Part 2 Narcoosees & Yea haa Bob

After a morning & afternoon at Animal Kingdom it was time to head back to the resort & get ready for an evening at the Grand Floridian & dinner at Narcoossee's.

Our Meal was booked for 08:30pm & it was to coincide with the new Happily ever after fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom.

We left the resort at 18:00pm & caught a bus to the Magic Kingdom.

We got to MK at 18:20ish & decided as it was early we were going to tour the resort & have a wander around.

The Grand Floridian is one of our favourite resorts to visit.

The grandeur of the place is quite breath-taking.

We love just wandering around & exploring the resort.

The grounds are well looked after & are landscaped really well.

After wandering around & exploring the resort, it was time to head over to Narcoossee's for our dinner reservation.

The Restaurant is situated outside the main building over looking the lake.

We booked in at the desk & was told we had about a 15 minute wait which was not that long.

The inside of the waiting area is decorated tastefully & you can see through into the main kitchen where they prepare all the food.

The smells coming from there was starting to have it's toll on us & by the time our table was ready we had very big appetites.

After being shown to our table our waitress arrived Natalie, a bubbly friendly person. Natalie explained that at 09:00pm the lights would be going down & the music from Magic kingdom would be piped in as the fire works show Happily ever after was going on at MK.

This restaurant has a clear view of the fireworks going off from a walkway just outside & through the large windows of the restaurant as you eat your food.

We both ordered a flight of wines each, I had Red Mandy had White.

We were also served a delicious Soda bread with a sweet salty butter that complemented the soda bread.

Before the food arrived the Happily ever after show started at MK & the lights went down & we watched the fireworks from our Table with a glass of wine.

This was a really special moment for us & we just enjoyed the moment.

Once the fireworks had finished it was time to order our food.

We went straight for entrees, as we would definitely be ordering deserts & did not want a starter to spoil our appetites too much.

I ordered the Surf & Turf which was a Lobster Tail & a Fillet Mignon with a rustic Gold Mash & seasonal veg.

Mandy Ordered the Grass fed Aberdeen Angus new York strip with Gold Mash seasonal veg & a red wine reduction.

Both courses were delicious.

Once our plates were cleared we ordered our deserts.

I ordered the Narcoosees Candy Bar which is a Dark chocolate Mocha bar with Guanaja chocolate gelato.

Mandy ordered the Almond Crusted Cheesecake with Lambert Cherry Sauce.

Again both dishes were delicious.

After our meal we headed over to the main building to catch the Monorail to Magic Kingdom to catch a bus back to Riverside.

We got back to our Hotel just as Yea haa Bob Jackson was starting his second performance of the night in the River Roost Lounge.

We decided to get a drink & take in his show.

Yea Haa Bob has become something of a celebrity at Disney World & guests form other resorts will make trip to Riverside just to take in one of his shows.

We thoroughly enjoyed his show & it was great way to finish a great night off.

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