Disney World Day 6 Part 1 Epcot

Today we are off to Epcot for the morning & early afternoon.

We had a little lie in until 08:15. Whilst Mandy was having a shower I went over to the Food Court for a couple of Drinks & 2 muesli yogurts for Breakfast.

By 09:15 we were ready & headed over to the bus depot to get a bus to Epcot.

As we arrived at the depot the Epcot bus was pulling in & we got straight on as there was no one waiting.

We could not believe our luck & by the time we left the resort there were only half a dozen people on the bus.

We got to Epcot a Little after 10:00am & our first fast pass was for Space ship Earth.

The last time we did this ride was in 2011, the last 4 trips to Disney World we did not get around to doing this ride.

So we were really looking forward to doing it this year.

We thoroughly enjoyed the ride & had forgotten just how interactive it is at the end.

When we came off the ride we headed over to the cooling spot & tried a few of the different cola flavours that they have.

Off course we had to try Beverley & yes it is still a horrid drink.

By now it was a little after 11 & our second fast pass of the day was available & it was Frozen the ride.

We did this in 2016 with the sister in law & the kids & really enjoyed it.

We were not disappointed this time either.

After the ride we decided it was time for a spot of Lunch, so we headed over to the Liberty Tree Tavern for QS meal.

The place was virtually empty & we found this quite strange, as normally QS restaraunts are fairly busy.

We both ordered Burgers I had Aberdeen Angus & Mandy had Chicken.

In all fairness the burgers were pretty good & the meal done the job of satisfying our hunger.

After we finished our lunch we decided to Wander around World Showcase & just pop in & out of the different Pavilions.

We were at the American Pavilion & started there before moving on to the other Pavilions.

We had another Fast Pass booked for The seas with Nemo at 14:00pm so we had plenty of time to spend around the World Showcase area.

As we were walking around the sky started filling with clouds & before we knew it a Tropical storm that had been forecast for that week end made it's presence known.

Whilst we were in the Germany Pavilion the heavens opened up & there was a major downpour outside.

We stayed in there for a while to let the rain ease off.

When we headed over to The Nemo ride we could not believe how quiet the park had gone.

So we decided to take a couple of pics to show how empty Epcot Looked.

We arrived at Nemo & there was no line there at all. We had fast passes & did walk through the fast pass line, but the ride was virtually a walk on.

After coming off the ride we wandered around in the Aquarium for a little while as it had started raining quite heavy outside again.

Once the rain eased off we headed over to the living with the Land ride.

Again the ride was a walk on.

We enjoy this ride & find it quite relaxing & informative.

It was now around 2.30, that evening we were going to go to Animal Kingdom again for EMH & to see the Tree of Life Awakenings.

So we decided to do 1 more ride before heading back to the , The Standby line was 55 minutes so we decided to do the ride.

We did Soarin around the world twice in 2016 & absolutely loved it. This time was just as great as the first time.

Once we came off the ride we headed back to the resort for a little rest before heading out to Animal Kingdom for the evening.

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