Turf Club Bar & Grill Review

The Turf Club Bar & Grill is located at Saratoga Springs.​


Food/Dining Type:American


Location:Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa 

Reservations:           Suggested

Hours:         5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Disney Dining Plan:        YES (Table Service Credit)


Just a short boat ride from Disney springs is the Saratoga Resort & Spa.

We found the easiest way to get the Turf Club is by Boat from the market place launch.

The ride takes about 6 minutes & drops you off right out side the Turf Club.

Just before you go into the Restaurant there is a Lounge Bar.

Whilst we waited for our reservation we had a quite drink here & a game of Pool.

We planned on dining here after seeing a few good reviews on line.

Our favourite review was done by Travels with Rick.

After our greeter called us in we were given the choice to eat in or on the veranda outside.

We decided to eat out side as it was a lovely evening & they had fans in the ceiling.

Our server was absolutely great & we Ordered the Onion rings as a starter.

The Onion Rings were the best I have ever had any where, & the 2 dips that came with it were really flavourful.

There were so many Onion Rings we had to stop eating them to keep room for our mains.

The server also came out with some lovely small rolls of bread.

I had the Grilled New York Strip with Yukon Gold Mashed potatoes & Asparagus.

Which I have to say was cooked perfectly & the small ramekin of sauce was delicious.

The wife had the Lamb Chops, which she said were tender & again cooked perfectly. The were accompanied with greens & sautéed potatoes.


As we were on the Dining Plan we both decided to order  desert.

I had a seasonal Sorbet(which was Lemon) I enjoyed the desert as it was quite refreshing, but after a little while it got quite sharp to the taste.

The Wife had the Chef's special which was a type of vanilla crème Brule.

All in All the experience was really good. We ended with 2 coffees, which we were not charged for. It was quite novel sitting on the Veranda with a view of Disney Springs in the Distance & watching the small boats go by. We would recommend the place & hopefully will visit again in Future.

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